Sometimes the motions are all you have...and that's OKAY.

What a freaking I right?! **as she sips on 2nd cup of coffee on Tuesday morning at 5 AM** ...

You guys, I try my absolute best to be as real and raw as possible with you all.  If you follow me on social media or know me in real life you know I don't have all my sh*t together and I struggle with the same issues every other person does in this world.  And I'll continue to try to be just as, this week has been ROUGH.  Just lots of bummed out moments for no super specific reason whatsoever.  And with those bummed out moments comes a decline of motivation and hustle.

I know I know, you all are probably thinking "Sarah, you had a month long vacation and you are lacking motivation?!?" Yes people...I don't understand it either.  However, I've been like this before (and I'll be here again) and the one thing I've learned is forcing yourself to go through the motions MATTERS, in fact, it is CRUCIAL. When you are feeling unmotivated, those are the days that are detrimental for your mental and physical health to get up and get moving...even if that means just going through the motions.  I may be feeling like blah, and on the inside just want to curl up in a little ball and sleep...but on the outside you best believe I am not only getting a workout in, but I'm getting multiple workouts of various forms in every day I feel like this.  (PS, doing this also makes you want to get out of this funk quicker because know I am tired after that third workout yesterday!) 

Am I super focused on the actual workout as I do it?  Oh...hell no sweetheart, not even close.  But I'm doing it, I may be spaced out in a whole different galaxy thinking about what bald people put on their license as their hair color and if eyebrows are considered facial hair...but THAT'S BESIDES THE POINT! I'm doing it, I'm forcing my body to go through the motions, I'm not allowing what I want to do mentally effect what I'm going to do physically. 

If we are able to train and push ourselves through the worst mental days - think of how much much more powerful and strong...we will be when we train and push ourselves on the best mental days.  If we make ourselves simply go through the motions we are already taking that first step to getting out of that funk we are currently buried in.  Sometimes the motions are all you have, and that's OKAY. 

Now, you can take this to all aspects of life, not just working out.  Forcing yourself to go to a family event, getting up and dressed for work, putting a smile on your face as you work with customers or clients - even if deep down inside it's the fakest smile you've ever worn, it's still a smile and you're taking that little tiny babystep to getting to a real, genuine smile.  It may not be that day, or that week - but you'll get there.  And you'll be so much better off because you forced yourself to go through those motions, those repetitions of daily tasks that you know you should do, but really don't want to do.   

Now, don't worry, I am still a happy and healthy individual...this is going to be a very short-lived funk.  But just remember...when you see someone out there in real life or on social media with a smile on their face or sweat dripping down their neck....that doesn't necessarily mean they are the happiest or most motivated person in the world, they may be going through the motions just be kind, be understanding, because we are all in this crazy world together - we know what it's like to feel know, just blah.  But with the help of each other, the respect and love we all can show to one another, all of our funks can be very temporary and we can jump out of them even faster and better than ever before.  

Have an amazing Tuesday everyone, let's kick some serious glutes today (literally....cause that's the workout I'm about to hammer out.)