Mountains can speak volumes...

Good morning from Colorado! It's been a minute since I've gotten a chance to sit down and write...I mean I probably have had many chances, but you all know how it goes - the excuses have been winning for me when it comes to my writing.  But not today damnit!! 

This week I took off work at the gym and did the 24 hour trek to Colorado with Alyson for the 4th time...that sounds like a long time, but honestly it's kind of fun to do with her, and it goes fast.  I just keep thinking about how there probably won't be many more opportunities with just the two of us getting to travel together - so I try to take advantage of every last time we can.  

I've been to Colorado quite a few times at this point, it's my favorite place to go...and it never fails the drive into Grand Junction amazes me just as much every time.  The mountains never get old to look at, the views never get less unbelievable.  It is the same beauty EVERY time.  I try snapping pictures, but pictures don't do any kind of justice to what my eyes are actually seeing.  I always say to myself I wish I could give my eyes to everyone back home so they could soak in the beauty this world has to offer that I was seeing right then and there - because sending them a picture just doesn't show the true view.  

Yesterday we did a really amazing 7 mile was in the Colorado National Monument and had mix between hiking and scrambling up to the top of the monument, traversing along the top to the other side, and coming down a different point to where we placed a second car. It never fails every time I go hiking I think about how the image of a mountain and hiking or climbing has so much imagery to life in general.  Hear my out....the entire hike I felt at peace, I felt secure, I felt safe....even at the top when close to the edge, walking along a narrow path with little drops on either side, the steep scrambling sections...there was never a point I was nervous or scared or insecure with what I was doing or questioned if I was safe.  You know why?  Because I was focused on what I was doing, I wasn't distracted or going off the path shown with footprints of previous hikers, I was physically prepared.  How applicable is that to pretty much everything in life?  For instance, a career....a relationship....a goal.  If we are focused, if we aren't distracted, if we are smart about where we are stepping and where we are heading...then safety, security, and undeniably amazing views are without a doubt in the horizon.  But if we veer off course, if we decide to look down at our phones and start to distract ourselves, if we do back flips across the narrow traverse instead of walk....well, we are risking our safety, we are risking the views, the security, the beauty of that hike.  Because one small misstep, one accidental slip - could change the course of the entire hike (career/relationship/goal).  

Now, I'm not married or in a serious relationship...however how true is this imagery to how we should and shouldn't be with a significant other?  The hike was challenging, it took work, it took focus and at certain areas faith that you know what you are doing.  But when we got to the top - it was all worth it for the breathtaking views.  If we choose to try to make things more exciting and start jumping or skipping or twirling close to the edge - we put everything at risk, and for what? The adrenaline rush of almost slipping and falling?  Is it worth it?  Isn't there beauty in safety? Comfort in feeling secure and stable?  If we stopped distracting ourselves but instead looked up and around us at the views we see in the moment we may not feel the need to take those risky steps and instead look at what we have, embrace it, enjoy it, see the beauty in it...because not everyone's views are quite this amazing.  

The moment we distract ourselves with social media, other people that seem more exciting or exhilarating, selfishness, etc....that's the moment we put everything else at risk, we get too close to the edge.  And we have to ask ourselves over and over again - is it worth it?  This imagery can go towards any relationship, not just romantic relationships.  It can be the same truth for working towards a specific goal, or your career.  But the bottom line is, if we stay focused, stay on course, and stay in the moment....we will be rewarded with the most amazing views...the hard work and sweat will pay off, and you will be in awe of what life could look like at the top. 

Alright you's time to get this second cup of coffee brewing and figuring out what the day is going to look like.  I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!! Hopefully, talk soon...