Excuses... the source of mediocrity.

Over the last six years I've heard people come up with hundreds upon hundreds of excuses as to why they haven't been working out, why they can't change their terrible eating habits, why they have no time to meal prep...the list goes on and on.  We, as humans, are filled with excuses, things we tell ourselves to make us feel better about not doing something we know we should be doing.  It's almost as though we are trying to convince ourselves that it's okay to be where we are, sure we may not be happy, but it's could be worse, right?!

Excuses are the quickest way to keep us at a point in life where we will never feel fulfilled or satisfied. We will never be as successful, as strong, as confident, as focused as we could be if we allow excuses to play a role anywhere in our lives. It's funny, you see I'm really good at calling people out when they give me an excuse in anything fitness our health related, I'm basically the Excuses Police - nothing gets by me.

However, as I was traveling, I was asked some tough questions. Questions that had nothing to do with health or fitness, but my responses were....you may have guessed it....excuses. I was being so hypocritical, who am I to call out all of my clients, when I have been feeding myself excuses in my own personal life for so long?

Until we start to be honest and raw with ourselves, who we really are and how we really live our lives...we are never going to become who we want to be. It's crazy how many excuses come out of each of our mouths throughout the day and we don't even realize it. Can you imagine going an entire day....just a solid 24 hours...with ZERO excuses? You do everything you know you should do to get you closer to your goals, to get you closer to feeling fulfilled. And then, can you imagine repeating that day in and day out? What would our lives look like after one week? One month? One year? We would be completely different people, inside and out. 

Excuses are a huge part of what's holding each and every one of us back, but it's not enough for someone else to call us out on them. Until we are able and willing to call ourselves out on our own choices (or lack there of), we are going to stay in this same state of mediocre limbo for the rest of our lives. I don't know about you....but that sounds miserable to me. So....today as I drink my morning coffee, I am committing to throwing away my excuses for the next 24 hours. I'm going to unpack my suitcase, I'm going to make my to do lists, and I am going to complete every task I set for myself....NO EXCUSES.

I might need a second cup of coffee before this day takes off.  Just saying. Have a happy weekend my no excuse warriors - let's make it a great one.